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Who can get an additional year of funded early learning and childcare

From August 2023, children are automatically entitled to an additional year of funded early learning and childcare (ELC) if:

  • they are still four years old on the date they are eligible to start school and
  • their fifth birthday is on or between the day after school starts in August and the end of February 

How to apply

If you wish an additional year of funded ELC for your child, please contact the head/manager of the centre your child currently attends who will provide you with a link to the online application form 'Additional Year of Early Learning and Childcare' to be completed and submitted by Tuesday 28 February 2023.

If you want your child to go to a private nursery or childminder who does not deliver funded ELC, then you will have to pay for this cost.

Further information is available at Parent Club: Can my child defer starting school.

Contact Information

Early Learning and Childcare
Telephone: 07385 394774 or 07741 134679
Community Childcare
Telephone: 07423 749236

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