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During February we promote registration for funded early learning and childcare places for three and four year olds. We use the following channels:

  • media
  • social media
  • website

Guide to early learning and childcare

Our Guide to Early Learning and Childcare sets out the Council’s Policy for the allocation of early learning and childcare places.

When and where to apply

Online applications have opened again from Monday 10 June and will remain open until 4pm on Friday 21 June for any late applications to be considered before or at the start of the new term in August 2024.  

Please Note: Only centres who still have spaces will be on the online form and some models/days will not be available, please check with the centre prior to making the application if you need a particular model or days.

It is important that you make application noting your first choice of centre. You should also identify your second choice of centre and preferred model on the application form as there may be occasions when you cannot access a place in your first choice of centre. Applications which do not indicate a second choice may not be considered.

If you wish to apply for a split session place you will need to make an online application for each centre.

When completing the application, parents and carers should note any issues which may affect their child such as:

  • toileting
  • special dietary requirements
  • medical issues

This is to enable appropriate planning to take place and will not affect their child’s access to a place.

How to apply

To complete the online application you will require to upload:

  • a copy of your child's full birth certificate
  • two proofs of your residency, for example, Council Tax Notice and utility bill

Should you require a copy of your child’s birth certificate for registration, this can be obtained at

Please use the link below to apply for an early learning and childcare place.

You will require to register for a customer account to access the online application form:

Apply for an early learning and childcare place


All places are allocated in line with the priorities outlined in A Guide to Early Learning and Childcare. For example, first priority is given to children who meet the criteria set out in Priority 1, then Priority 2 and so on.

Every effort will be made to meet your first choice of centre and preferred model, however this will be dependent on the number of places available and the priority given to applications.

Change of preference of place allocated

This online form is for parents or carers whose child has been allocated a place in an Early Childhood Centre (ECC), Funded Provider (FP) centre or with a childminder, and are now seeking a place in a different setting.

Apply for change of preference of place allocated

Two year old places

Find out how to apply for an eligible two year old place.

Additional year of early learning and childcare

Find out how to apply for deferred entry to primary school and an additional year of early learning and childcare.

Contact Information

Early Learning and Childcare
Telephone:07385 394774
Telephone:07741 134679

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