Apply online

You can apply online at for your first Elderly, Disabled or Young Persons' Free Bus Travel Scheme.

Applying online will reduce the amount of time it takes for your application to be processed and dispatched to you.

To complete the process online you will require the following:

  • email address
  • device with a camera or a webcam (computer/tablet/phone)
  • photo driving licence OR a current passport OR a Yoti account

Frequently asked questions are available if you need support to apply online.

Apply by email - elderly and disabled only

Alternatively, if you are unable to complete your application using, as you do not have a photo driving licence, current passport, we will accept your application by email.

Please complete an NEC application form (Word 35Kb) or NEC application form (PDF 555Kb) and return it via e-mail to us, with your supporting documents to

All new applications must provide the following supporting documents:

  • proof of person or referee form
  • proof of address
  • passport quality photo

If you are using your birth certificate as proof of person/age, you must send the Photo Referee Verifier Form (Word) or Photo Referee Verifier Form (PDF 467Kb) to an approved referee for completion and return it with your application and supporting documents.

If you are applying for a disabled card, you must also provide proof of eligibility. For more information of eligibility, please visit the Transport Scotland website.

Help completing forms

If you require help on how to complete the forms or return the supporting documents, guidance can be found at the bottom of the form or email

When you will receive your card

Once we are in receipt of all acceptable documents to allow us to process your request, we aim for you to receive your card within 14 days.

Further information

We advise that you continue to check the National Entitlement Card website for any updates.

Contact Information


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For enquiries relating to Young Persons 5-21 Free Bus Travel scheme please visit