National Entitlement Card for older people

If you, or someone you know, still has a OneScotland branded card like the one in the picture below, this must be replaced so they can still get free bus travel after 31 December 2016.








Council's across Scotland are in the process of renewing The National Entitlement Cards which are used for concessionary travel for anyone aged 60 or over or anyone who has received a card on grounds of disability.

The new style card will have either the mygovscot or the saltirecard logo replacing the OneScotland logo. Both card designs are valid for travel and will be accepted by bus operators.

 mygovscot card

You will notice that the new style over 60s card no longer has a valid to date. This means it is now a card for life. Cards issued on the grounds of disability will continue to display a “valid to” date.

If your most recently issued card has the mygovscot logo or the saltirecard logo, then you already have the new card and will not need to get it replaced.

If you have not received a replacement card call the number on the back of your OneScotland card to request a replacement card or get advice on how to get one.

If you try and use your OneScotland card after 1 January 2017 it won’t work and you may be asked to pay the fare.

The new style over 60's card no longer has a 'valid to' date.  This means it is now a 'card for life'

Scotland-wide free bus travel for older people

Anyone aged 60 or over who lives in Scotland is able to travel free on virtually all scheduled local registered and long-distance bus services available to the general public using the NEC. Only a small number of services will not recognise the card, for example premium fare bus services, some night services and city sightseeing buses.

There are no boundary restrictions or charges for travel within Scotland, regardless of distance.

In addition, anyone living in East Ayrshire qualifying for free bus travel also benefits from non-bus concessions operated by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT). SPT operates a concessionary rail and subway scheme that gives discounted rail travel for anyone travelling within the SPT area. Contact SPT for further information.

How to apply

To receive your NEC, simply complete an application form which you can pick up at any Customer Service Centre or any Post Office.

Contact Information

National Entitlement Card
Telephone: 01563 554400
Textphone: 01563 576167
Note: The NEC telephone number is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am to 4.00pm on Friday.