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The National Entitlement Card (NEC) aims to make it easier for young people to access public services across Scotland, using one card to access many services.

The Young Person's National Entitlement Card is free to anyone residing in Scotland who is aged 11-25. You will be provided with a National Entitlement Card with a Young Scot and PASS hologrammed logo (unless you have opted out).

Traveline Scotland provides journey planning information for people wanting to use public transport to get around Scotland.

Young persons' (under 22s) free bus travel scheme

Young people aged 5-21 years living in Scotland can now apply to access free bus travel.

Find out more and how to apply for the Young Persons' (Under 22s) Free Bus Travel Scheme

Proof of age

For those aged 11-25, the NEC is your Young Scot Card which also works as your Proof of Age (the PASS hologram). You can use it to claim local, national and international discounts. Visit the Young Scot website for more details.

Discounted travel

If you’re 16, 17 or 18 (or a full-time volunteer) you can get special deals on travel using your Young Scot card, up to 50% off train travel within Scotland and some card holders also get ferry vouchers.

Benefits and rewards

NEC is your access to all the great discounts, young people information and benefits of Young Scot and also acts as an accredited Proof of Age card (if the PASS hologram is on your card).

The hologram means you can get access to most age restricted goods appropriate to your age, for example, purchasing of DVDs and computer games, access to nightclubs and more.

Visit Young Scot: The Cost Crisis for tips on saving money, benefits and support with the cost of living.

Information about the benefits to having a Young Scot card can be found at:

How to apply

All school pupils will have the opportunity to apply via their school throughout the academic year.

For those young people not attending school, or unable to access, can apply online for the following services:

  • submit a new card application
  • request a replacement card
  • update your address or photo
  • add free bus travel

Apply online for the above NEC services

What the Young Scot card looks like

Example of a Young Scot CardOn the front will be:

  • your photograph
  • date of birth (should have a pink strip)
  • a local authority, Young Scot and PASS logo
  • card expiry date

Some cards will have other symbols displayed on the card. Each symbol represents a different concession.


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National Entitlement Card