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The Civil Partnership Act 2004, which applies throughout the UK and came into force on 5 December 2005, allows same sex couples to register a civil partnership. 

On 28 July 2020, the Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2020 became law. This Act makes provision for mixed sex couples to register a civil partnership.  

Notice of intention

To enter a mixed sex civil partnership in Scotland you need to submit notice of intention. A notice period of 28 clear days is required.

While 28 clear days is the minimum notice period required, it is advisable for couples to give ten to twelve weeks’ notice of their intention to register a civil partnership, in order to allow sufficient time for the registrar to satisfy themselves that the parties are free to become partners.  

Immigration control

If you are subject to Immigration Control please read the information issued by the Home Office carefully at National Records of Scotland: Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership (PDF 92.2Kb).

Civil partnership bookings

You will need to book a place, date and time for your civil partnership.

You should also be aware that, whether you intend to have your civil partnership registered by a Registrar, or by an approved celebrant from a religious or belief body, you must by law submit notice forms and the associated documents, and pay the statutory fee to the Registrar in whose district you intend to be civilly partnered.  

Forms and guidance

You may find it useful to download the following documents from the National Records of Scotland website about our requirements:

The RCP1 information leaflet should answer most of your questions, but please bear in mind the following points:

  • always telephone the selected local Registrar before filling in form CP10 - if you want to register a civil partnership, the Registrar will be able to help you choose a day and time, and tell you what fees you are likely to pay
  • they will also confirm what form of payment the Registrar can accept
  • notice forms and accompanying documents should be sent to the Registrar for the district where the civil partnership will be registered
  • both parties intending to register the civil partnership should provide the Registrar with a postal address and a contact telephone number (and if possible, an email address) - it is recommended submit these approximately eight weeks before the date of the intended civil partnership and certainly no later than 29 days before.

Converting a registered civil partnership into a marriage

Please see the following guidance from National Records of Scotland on how to change a civil partnership into a marriage.

Converting a marriage into a civil partnership

The Scottish Government is preparing regulations which will allow married couples to change (convert) their marriage to a civil partnership if they so wish.

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