Our marriage and civil partnership fees are listed below. The amount you pay depends on how or where you'd like to get married.

Statutory fees

The statutory fees include the bride, groom and two witnesses.

Fee type and Fee
Fee typeFee
Marriage/Civil Partnership Notices £45 each £90
Civil Marriage/Civil Partnership Solemnisation Fee £55
Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate £10
Total £155

Additional fees

Registration offices

Day Required and Fee
Day requiredFee
Monday - Thursday (where guests are attending) £155
Friday (where guests are attending) £160
Weekend and public holidays £295

Outwith a registration office

Day Required and Fee
Day requiredFee
Monday - Thursday £250
Friday £300
Weekend and public holidays £340

Religious or belief marriage fees

Fee Type and Fee
Marriage notices £45 each £90
Marriage certificate £10
Total £100

Further information

There will be a £10 admin fee for a change of date for a ceremony.

All bookings are subject to a £55 non-refundable booking fee. This is not an additional charge and will be deducted from your final account. If you cancel your booking the fee will not be refunded.

Our Registration Offices cannot take cash payments. We can accept payment by debit/credit card or cheque.

Contact us for information on fees for naming ceremonies or renewal of vows.

Contact Information

Registration Services
Burns Monument Centre
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Telephone: 01563 576695
Telephone: 01563 576696

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