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Burns Monument Centre - Civil Ceremony Venue
Display of roses

We are delighted you have chosen to have a look at the Burns Monument Centre in East Ayrshire for your ceremony; a place where you should find everything you need to make your day extra special.

When you choose to have a civil ceremony with a Registrar, you are opting to have something that is unique and personal to you.

You will have freedom of choice about how you wish your special day to be, whether it's traditional or modern, and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.

Whatever your choices, we will make every effort to ensure you have a truly memorable day.

The venue

Ceremony Suite at the Burns Monument Centre

The Burns Monument Centre provides the perfect venue for your ceremony.

The comfortable, contemporary and stylish design of the Robert Burns Suite combined with the romantic setting of the monument, landscaped courtyard and gardens will ensure dreams of your special day become reality.

The Robert Burns Suite can accommodate up to 84 guests and the Jean Armour and Gavin Hamilton rooms provide space for couples to relax before the ceremony.

View a 360° Tour of our Ceremony Suite at the Burns Monument Centre.

The paved courtyard is easily accessed from the Robert Burns Suite and is ideal for photographs. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Kay Park and Burns Monument, the landscaped courtyard provides a unique setting to capture special moments on the day.

Live stream your ceremony

Example of what a webcast would look like for a wedding ceremony at The Burns Monument Centre

Together with Life's Big Moments, the Burns Monument Centre has a bespoke audio-visual service which allows couples to make their big day even more special by allowing their guests to join in remotely via a live stream. 

Ceremonies can be made available to watch again, giving couples the option to relive every moment of their special day. 

Also available is the option of a downloadable copy so couples can remember their big day forever.

Please contact us for more details and current prices. 

Your ceremony

Your day, your way

A civil ceremony is a statement of commitment of your new life together. Create a ceremony as unique and individual as you are.

You may also wish to enhance your ceremony by incorporating any of the following suggestions: 

Sand ceremony

Two sets of hands sealing a clear glass heart container with red and white sandEach container of sand symbolises a different aspect of the couple, their relationship and their families.

The sand then forms a pattern in the main container, which is kept by the couple as a keepsake of their day.

Handfasting ceremony

Red tartan scarf which can be used in handfastingHandfasting is an ancient celtic/medieval custom in which the couple come together at the start of their married relationship to declare of their free will that they intend to marry.

This is where the term "tie the knot" came from.


Quaich ceremony

A silver QuaichThe Quaich is an ancient vessel used by two families to celebrate a bond with the couple sharing their first drink together as a married couple.

Oathing stone

Oathing stone and wedding bandsThe Oathing Stone is an old Scottish tradition where the couple place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows.

This is where the term "setting an oath in stone" came from.

Unity candle

Three candles beside a wedding cakeThe lighting of a unity candle symbolises the joining of the two families and two individuals becoming one in commitment.

Including guest vows or children

Young children sitting on the grass blowing bubblesAsk your guests to join in on your vows or involve children.

Remember absent loved ones

White remembrance candle sitting against a red background of rosesRemember absent loved ones on your special day. 

Wedding guide

Our wedding guide illustrates a wide range of services and facilities that are available to you. 

Civil wedding services directory

We are delighted to offer our couples our Civil Wedding Services Directory which was created in partnership with East Ayrshire businesses.

Every couple who books a wedding with our Registrar will receive a copy of this and can take advantage of the discounts featured.

Renewal of vows

Any married couple or registered civil partners can arrange a renewal of vows ceremony.

The ceremony can be to re-capture your wedding day, mark a special anniversary or provide an opportunity for couples who have had a ceremony abroad to share their celebration with family and friends at home. 

Naming ceremony

A naming ceremony is an expression of commitment to your child in the presence of family and friends, the bonding together of those special people who will play an important role in the unfolding life of your child.

View photos on our Facebook

Have a look at the lovely ceremonies that have taken place at the Burns Monument Centre.

View photos on our Burns Monument Centre Registrars Facebook page.

Customers' comments

Read some comments from our customers:

  • "We couldn't have found a better venue than the Burns Monument Centre. The building is magnificent and in beautiful surroundings."
  • "The Burns Monument Centre is a fresh, contemporary and quality venue."
  • "The Burns Monument Centre is a lovely place to get married, we wish we could do it all again."
  • "The Burns Monument Centre is located in a beautiful setting."

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