Road safety education - pedestrians

Walking routes to schools

At the request of the Education department, the Road Safety Officer assesses the safety of routes to school where a parent is seeking a travel pass on behalf of their child on safety grounds.

Schools are provided with support to assist parents in preparing for the most common journey their children will make at this time in their lives. 


This practical training scheme teaches primary one and two pupils three important skills: 

  • identifying safe places to cross
  • crossing at parked cars
  • crossing at junctions

The scheme is offered primarily to schools serving the more deprived areas of East Ayrshire where studies have shown that children are up to five times more likely to be involved in crashes than children from more affluent backgrounds. 

For more information, follow the external link to Kerbcraft. 

Contact Information

Ayrshire Roads Alliance
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Telephone: 01563 503160
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