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Bike It

We operate a cycle training scheme called ‘Bike It’. The scheme contains four elements and is offered to P5-7 pupils to help them become safe cyclists who can use roads safely. 

  • P5 – Ready Steady Bike
  • P6/7 - The Scottish Cycle Training Scheme (off-road training)
  • P6/7 - The Scottish Cycle Training Scheme (on-road training)
  • P7 – A Planned Journey

This programme is a joint initiative between Road Safety Officers and Active School Co-ordinators and couples a healthier lifestyle with road safety priorities. 

Danger Detectives

The importance of cycle helmets is dramatically highlighted at the Council’s annual experiential learning event held at Dean Castle Country Park. 

Primary 6 pupils find out the dangers of falling from your bike when your head is unprotected.

Contact Information

Ayrshire Roads Alliance
Opera House
8 John Finnie Street
Telephone: 01563 503160