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Telehealth is the broad term that refers to the use of technology to enable the remote monitoring and delivery of healthcare. For many people, being diagnosed with a long term condition has a huge impact on their lives. Often, the symptoms associated with the condition are only part of what affects an individual's life – many people lose confidence and grow anxious when they think their condition is getting worse.

Telehealth can support people with long term conditions to take control or regain their independence. It allows them to take their own vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, as well as answer a series of questions about their condition. These details are then sent to a clinician who can monitor an individual's health remotely and react accordingly.

There is currently a telehealth project based within Dalmellington Medical Practice supporting 20 people to manage their chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at home using a Telehealth POD (which resembles an iPad). All information they input is sent to the Clinical User Interface (CUI) based in the GP Practice, where results are checked.  Any individuals displaying any cause for concern would then be contacted by phone by a clinician and if required, a visit would be arranged either by the community nurse or GP.

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