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BuddiAssistive technology buddi device

Buddi is a mobile personal alarm system that provides assistance wherever and whenever it’s needed. It helps active and independent people stay that way.

Buddi harnesses the latest in satellite navigation technology to pinpoint a wearer’s location, and a mobile phone network to communicate between the buddi and a 24/7 emergency monitoring centre. Registered contacts, such as family members, friends or neighbours, are then alerted automatically via landline or mobile phone.

Just checking Assistive technology just checking device

Just Checking is a system that helps people to live independently in their own home. 

The system is simple. Movement sensors in the home generate a chart of daily living activity, which can be viewed online by family members, professionals. Just Checking gives an up-to-the-minute picture as a person gets on with their daily life, all without being intrusive or depriving them of their privacy.

Just Checking doesn't need broadband, and is all done without the need for video cameras. 

You can set alerts to let you know if things are not quite as expected. 

Just Checking could make the difference between a person going into care and being able to stay living in their own home for as long as possible.

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