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Technology can play a key role in helping individuals and their families to enjoy a better quality of life. It can support independent living within the home and the community by providing an immediate response to emergency situations. Around 4,000 people in East Ayrshire are supported through our Smart Supports and Community Alarm services.

Smart Supports are enhanced services provided by East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership which use technology to support people within their homes and communities. 

These services can be requested through local social work offices, GPs or other health professionals. Discussions are held with each individual to determine the right support which will help them achieve the outcomes they aspire to. 

Smart supports available

Smart Supports involve the remote or enhanced delivery of care to individuals in their homes or within the community.  Smart Supports are available to anyone with social care needs living in East Ayrshire. Smart Supports can provide the following support:

  • providing alerts to changes in care needs, emergencies or lifestyle changes via a range of sensors or alerts
  • monitoring activity and environmental risks such as smoke detection, extreme heat, carbon monoxide and flood detection
  • minimising personal risks associated with falls, memory loss or confusion
  • facilitating earlier hospital discharge/preventing hospital admission
  • providing reassurance to families that appropriate support will be provided to their loved one in emergency situations.

Since February 2001, we have been providing devices such as:

  • community alarms
  • smoke detectors
  • fall detectors
  • bed occupancy sensors
  • epilepsy sensors
  • door monitors
  • medication dispensers

These are monitored from our Risk Management Centre (RMC) which has embraced the use of technology to provide services which can potentially help people to live independently.

Smart hub 

East Ayrshire Smart Hub is a digital space showcasing the latest smart home technology and new digital telecare equipment.

Based in Ross Court in Galston, the Smart Hub provides an innovative space to showcase a variety of different smart home technologies and telecare to keep people feeling safe and independent within their own homes.

The Smart Hub is accessible every Wednesday from 9am to 5pm on an appointment only basis, where you can find out more about how technology can keep you safe and independent. Contact your allocated worker for a joint visit.

Digital health and care support workers

Digital Health and Care Support Workers are a new team created through the citizen engagement of the pathfinder project. Their aim is to support people who live in the Irvine Valley who are digitally excluded and require help with technology enabled care.

 Available supports are as follows:

  • getting online to access health apps
  • online video consultations
  • connect with loved ones digitally via devices 
  • advice on technology enabled care (TEC)
  • digital upskilling to improve health and wellbeing

To find out more telephone 07407 115824 or email

Contact Information

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