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Significant case review

Significant Case Review relating to Baby L  20 July 2017

While left in the care of the father in the family home, Baby L suffered life changing and lifelong injuries.

East Ayrshire Child Protection Committee (EACPC) commissioned a Significant Case Review relating to Baby L which was undertaken by two independent reviewers, with professional oversight by the Social Care Institute for Excellence (Scie).

The reviewers identified eight findings which required consideration by EACPC. These related to: innate human biases; family-professional interaction; guidance; supervision; intervention thresholds; quality assurance; use of intelligence; communication and collaborative working in longer term work.

The findings have been addressed by a range of actions including:

  • Introducing a revised approach to practice at the point of referral for paediatric assessment;
  • introducing a revised approach to risk assessment in health services which strengthens the focus on the impact of parental health on children and young people;
  • developing guidance for health professionals to assess and review infant head growth;
  • undertaking to identify and consider resource and practice issues in developing a sustainable midwifery/health service to respond to unborn/newborn babies with additional needs;
  • arranging for multi-agency guidance to be issued about the use of police intelligence;
  • undertaking a review of the Multi-Agency Referral Group (MARG) in respect of quality assurance arrangements; and
  • designing a learning programme for practitioners and frontline managers on a multi-agency basis to enable the sharing of the learning arising from this review and to encourage further suggestions about improvements and developments in child protection practice, including supervision.

The East Ayrshire Chief Officers’ Group has considered and agreed the findings and will support and resource the EACPC to respond to the matters raised.

This significant case review has been carefully considered through external scrutiny and with assistance from professionals representing agencies and services involved with the family. The injuries to Baby L will have a lifelong impact and the circumstances have been heartbreaking for everyone involved.

There has been a determined effort to understand and learn important lessons from this incident. In East Ayrshire, we continue to be fully committed to working together in partnership to keep children safe from harm.

Download The Executive Summary (PDF 167 KB)

The East Ayrshire Child Protection Committee previously published a Significant Case Review in respect of Baby E on 28 May 2014.

Download the East Ayrshire Child Protection Committee Significant Case Review Report (PDF 7.9 MB) for baby E 

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