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Paying for electricity and gas can be really difficult at any time of year but as winter approaches the problems get worse. It pays to consider changing your energy supplier to one who can help with reducing fuel costs.

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Services specialise in advising and helping customers reduce costs and offer the following advice on some energy issues that households commonly face.

Charges when you are not using gas or electricity

If you have a prepayment meter and haven’t been topping-up for a while, there is likely to still be a charge registering on the meter as a debt. This charge is a ‘standing charge’ which most suppliers will charge each week even if you’re not using fuel. It is a charge to cover their distribution costs and running costs, not for the energy you are using.

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Services can speak to your supplier to get this debt re-arranged and to get you back on supply. 

Emergency top-ups for electricity and gas

If you are on a very low income finding funds for energy before your next payment can be difficult.

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Services can help negotiate with your supplier to get an advance that will keep you ‘switched on’.

Warm Homes Discount (WHD), fuel hardship applications and other funding support

When cold weather bites you may not know about the help with fuel costs that are available.

Lemon Aid Fuel Poverty Services can apply for support on your behalf. If you are in receipt of a qualifying benefit you maybe entitled to a payment of £140 from the WHD.

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