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The South West Scotland Community Justice Authority Area Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) Strategic Oversight Group is responsible for the planning, performance and improvement of the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements. The work of the Strategic Oversight Group is reported directly to the East Ayrshire Chief Officers Group, ensuring that there is an overview of all public protection arrangements in East Ayrshire.

The Strategic Oversight Group is responsible for the commissioning of significant case reviews in respect of significant incident(s) involving an offender subject to MAPPA. The purpose of the review is to consider whether the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements were effectively applied, and whether agencies worked together to do all that they could reasonably have done to reduce the risk of further offending. This learning can then be applied to practice and disseminated more widely on a multi-agency basis

When commissioning a review, the Strategic Oversight Group will develop a remit for the review and will outline how it will be conducted. This will be dependent on the circumstances and nature of each significant incident(s) and may include the appointment of an independent review officer to ensure objectivity and appropriate scrutiny.

On completion, the Strategic Oversight Group reports the findings and recommendations to the East Ayrshire Chief Officers Group which consists of the Chief Executives of East Ayrshire Council and NHS Ayrshire and Arran and the Local Divisional Commander from Strathclyde Police.


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