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Applying for planning permission for a major development

Major developments

Major developments include large housing proposals, large supermarkets, quarries and opencast coal surface mines and onshore wind applications. The processing of major development applications can be complex and involve more steps than smaller scale local developments such as house extensions.

Pre-application advice

If your development is a major development it is important that you liaise with the Planning Service to seek pre application advice and a screening opinion if necessary.  Details of your proposals should be submitted to and contact made with the Operations Manager, Development Management and Building Standards on 01563 576749 to arrange a meeting to progress discussions around the development proposals.

Pre-application consultation with communities

Proposals for national and major development require consultation with the community at least 12 weeks prior to an application being submitted to the Planning Service. A proposal of application notice (PAN) must be submitted to the Planning Service and an advert placed in the local press detailing the nature of the development and the date of the community meeting. Details on pre application guidance can be found here  DM Guidance Process

Processing Major and complex Local Development applications

Processing agreements

East Ayrshire Council offers processing agreements for all applications categorised as National or Major in the Town and Country Planning (Hierarchy of Developments) (Scotland) Regulations 2009 and also for complex local developments. All developers are recommended to contact the planning officer to discuss this process at an early stage, ideally before the submission of a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN). It will be assumed that developers wish to enter into such an agreement unless they inform the planning authority otherwise.

A processing agreement is a project management tool for dealing with a planning application for a major development or for a local development that is complex in nature. Processing agreements can be used to set out the key processes involved in determining an application, identify what information is required, and from whom, and set the timescales for the delivery of various stages of the process.

Processing agreements can deliver a number of benefits including:

  • Greater transparency in decision-making for everyone involved in the process
  • Greater predictability and certainty over the timing of key stages
  • Faster decision-making
  • Clearer lines of communication between authority and applicant 
  • More effective and earlier engagement of key stakeholders.

Processing Agreement Template will be discussed with the developer when undertaking the preliminary discussion surrounding the development.

Have a look at our guidance on Planning Processing Agreements and contact us on the undernoted details should you wish to discuss.

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