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Dale is sitting at a desk working on his laptop

Dale Grant, IT Apprentice

As a former IT apprentice for East Ayrshire Council who has secured full-time employment, I can attest to the wide range of positive experiences and opportunities that come with an IT apprenticeship.

During my apprenticeship, I had the chance to work alongside experienced IT professionals and learn from their expertise in a variety of areas within the field of IT.

One of the key areas I gained experience in was IT security. I learned about the importance of data privacy and security in the public sector, as well as best practices for securing networks, servers, and applications. This gave me a solid foundation in cybersecurity, which is an increasingly important area of focus in IT.

I also gained experience in networking, learning about the design, implementation, and management of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and virtual private networks (VPNs). This included learning about network topology, routing protocols, and network security.

Another area I gained experience in was web design. I learned about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and was able to develop my skills in creating and maintaining websites. This included learning about user experience (UX) design and accessibility, which are important considerations in web design.

Through the apprenticeship, I was able to gain confidence and competence in my abilities in these areas of IT, which ultimately led to my successful transition into full-time employment.

Overall, I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I gained through my IT apprenticeship in local government, and would highly recommend the scheme to anyone looking to start a career in IT.

Head and shoulders photo of Lyndsey smiling

Lyndsey Gouck, Business Admin Modern Apprentice

I started my Business Admin Modern apprenticeship in 2019 after leaving school and still feeling unsure about my future career pathway. I always envisioned myself working in an office environment role, so when this opportunity came up, I decided to take it, and I am so glad that I did.

I successfully completed my SVQ Level 2 and then decided to move on to my SVQ Level 3.

During my time as an apprentice, I learned many new skills, gained so much experience and met many great people along the way. Some key aspects that I learned during my apprenticeship, which really helped me integrate into my higher role, would be working in a team as well as answering phone calls from the public, both of which boosted my communication skills and greatly helped me with my confidence.

Another key area which I gained experience in was Microsoft packages, especially Excel and Outlook and I now have a great understanding of how to use them effectively.

I also gained experience in shorthand/taking minutes of a meeting, which has really helped me in my position now.

Four years on, I am now working for East Ayrshire Councils Future Skills – Modern Apprenticeship team as the Business Support Administrator. I would never have been able to achieve this job role without completing my Modern Apprenticeship Qualification or without my training officer who helped me along the way.

I would highly recommend the Business Admin Modern Apprenticeship for anyone who is interested in starting a career in this area.

Eilidh is standing on a Hydraulic lift which is raised to the height of a street lighting column to access the lights

Eilidh Burrow, Street Lighting Electrical Apprentice

I started with East Ayrshire Council as an Apprentice Electrician within the Street Lighting service.

I grew to love the variety of work and different places I can be on a daily basis. I completed my apprenticeship and successfully completed my trades exam after four years. I was lucky enough that an opportunity for a full time electrician within Street Lighting arose and due to my knowledge, experience and confidence I had gained within my apprenticeship, I applied for the post and was successful.

I have been happily working with East Ayrshire Council since. I enjoy working outside and the challenges my job can bring.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to learn, gain a qualification and get paid at the same time.

Michael standing beside an East Ayrshire Council van

Michael McGhee, Apprentice Plasterer

I am Michael McGhee, I am a 16 year old first year Plastering Apprentice with East Ayrshire Council.

I wanted to apply for this Apprenticeship as I have noticed plastering from afar through family members and since starting I have found it really good working with the Council. It has been very easy to fit in with my colleagues.

Going to college as part of my apprenticeship has been great as we learn all sides of plastering which is very enjoyable as the lecturer makes it easy to follow.

Mackenzie sitting at a table with a laptop at a recruitment event

Mackenzie Houston, Business Admin Modern Apprentice

I started as a Business Admin modern apprentice within Human Resources in 2020 after leaving school. Previously I had undertaken a work experience within East Ayrshire Council and it was really eye opening to the world of business therefore when this opportunity arose, I decided to apply.

During my time as an apprentice, I successful completed my SVQ Business & Administration Level 2 and also decided to undertake my Level 3 as well.

At the start of my apprenticeship I was working from home more than the office due to coronavirus, however this boasted my independence within the workplace. Even though I worked remotely I learned many new skills and gained so much experience within the sector. My colleagues always took the time to make sure I was okay and helped me through anything I wasn’t too sure about.

As I worked within Human Resources I got to work with different teams within the department such as Early Years, Organisational Development and the Support Team. By being a part of these team I developed a good understanding of the internal systems, Microsoft packages such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, also the background of recruitment checks and how we process these for candidates.

Two years on, I am currently working full time within Human Resources in the Support Team as a Business Support Assistant. I feel my modern apprenticeship really helped me be successful within this role as I had an understanding of the recruitment processes.

Overall, I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I gained and would highly recommend a business admin modern apprenticeship for anyone who is interested in starting a career within the business environment.

David standing beside an East Ayrshire Council van

David Lynn, Apprentice Electrician

I have really enjoyed my last two years so far working as an Apprentice Electrician for East Ayrshire Council. As I go into my third year I found a lot more is expected of me. I now work more individually and work using my own initiative which I am coping well with.

East Ayrshire Council has provided so many opportunities for me and has really helped me with my theory knowledge and hands on experience by allowing me to go to college and work with different people in different departments at work. I was able to get this apprenticeship as I was really wanting to work in a trade where I can make money while learning and I highly recommend it to anyone else out there wanting to do the same thing.

Gillian standing beside an East Ayrshire Council van

Gillian Furey, Apprentice Electrician

I’m a second year Adult Apprentice Electrician with East Ayrshire Council. At 17, I announced I was leaving school and going to be a ‘spark’. Amongst some other choice words my Dad said, was a very resounding “No you are not!” So off to University I went instead.

Fast forward a few (many) years and I spotted the vacancy for adult apprenticeships. I thought to myself I can do that, plus I’m probably too old for my Dad to tell me ‘no’ this time and here we are, into second year already.

Working within the Housing Assets team has allowed me to experience many aspects of the domestic electrical industry in such a short period of time. From getting void properties ready for handover to new tenants with fixture changes and periodic testing, to fault finding and repairs and then the full scope of domestic electric works in the kitchen and bathroom upgrades section.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with all different kinds of tradesmen, young and old. Each with their own take on their respective trade and it’s best and worst parts. I think that’s offered me a pretty unique start to my Apprenticeship journey and I can’t wait to see where the next few years take me.

Scott standing and smiling

Scott Watson, Apprentice Plasterer

I have been with East Ayrshire Council for over a year now as I transferred from another company to East Ayrshire Council to finish off my Apprenticeship.

I have enjoyed my time working with many different tradespeople in the different departments within the Council and I feel as though I have gained some more skills that will help go towards my skills test.

I have mostly enjoyed working all the different departments throughout the Housing Asset Services, like working in the kitchen squads, learning how to tile and the Maintenance section learning how to properly protect jobs and dealing with tenants, and now I’m on the Voids building my skills as I look forward to my trades test.

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