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To assist homeowners within factored blocks to budget for unforeseen repair charges we are offering an opportunity to join our Homeowners Maintenance Plan.

For a one-off annual fee of £23.40, including VAT at 20%, homeowners can cover the cost of repairs to door entry system, entry glazing and communal lighting (subject to certain criteria).

What is covered

  • internal entry light repairs including vandalism
  • external entry light repairs including vandalism
  • wiring to entry lights including vandalism
  • repairs to timers and photocells used to control entry doors and entry lights including vandalism
  • door entry system repairs including vandalism which will include:
    • external door control panels and buttons
    • electronic door locks
    • overhead door closers and main control panel and wiring
  • repairs to entry doors and entry door windows including vandalism
  • out of hours call out charges

What is not covered

  • cost of the electricity supply to the entry doors and lights
  • cost of repairs to main supply cable belonging to power company or any alteration works
  • repairs or renewal of door entry handset or cabling from the main control panel to your handset
  • cost to replace lost or damaged electronic key fobs or door keys where applicable
  • full renewal of door entry systems when deemed to be unrepairable
  • full renewal of entry doors when deemed to be irreparable
  • full renewal of entry lighting systems when deemed to be irreparable
  • repairs/renewals to entry windows, entry walls, stairs, railings and ceilings
  • repairs to internal entry cupboard doors or your own front door
  • fire control systems fitted to entry windows (where applicable)
  • any other internal or external repairs costs other than external lighting

Terms and conditions

Please read over our terms and conditions for the homeowners maintenance plan before you fill in our agreement form.

Online agreement form

  • I/we hereby agree to participate in East Ayrshire Council's Home Owners Maintenance Plan.
  • I/we agree that I/we are the legal owners of this property and that I/we are over the age of 18.
  • This Plan covers all emergency/urgent repairs to the doors, door entry systems and entry lighting systems.

    By submitting this form I/we agree to pay East Ayrshire Council Factoring Service the sum of £23.40, including VAT, per annum.

    Please note that the cost of this plan will be added to your next quarterly factoring invoice.



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