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The Council, in complying with the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, is authorised to act as factor in blocks with common entries where:

  • title deeds allow the Council to manage common repairs or act as factor while it continues to own at least one property within your block
  • the majority of the owners in a block have appointed the Council to act as factor
  • the Council has acted as factor for a block by ‘custom and practice’

We are registered (Property Factors Registration Number PF000382) as factor for mixed tenure tenement properties with common entries including four-in-block properties with common closes where we retain the manager burden. This does not apply to standard ‘cottage flat’ four-in-blocks. 

As factor, we aim to provide a high quality, cost effective and responsive service.

In return for payment of a management fee, we manage the repair and maintenance of the parts of the block and services that are common to residents. Examples of common parts of a block are:

  • external walls
  • roof
  • close or common entry and any common pathways
  • drying greens etc

Keeping up with regular repairs and maintenance ensures properties are kept in sound condition. It also protects owners’ investment and helps to keep or increase its value.

Annual satisfaction survey

We are required to carry out an annual satisfaction survey to find out if customers are satisfied with our Factoring Service. Customers can comment using the survey link below:

Factoring Service Annual Satisfaction Survey

More information

Information on Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 and the Code of Conduct can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Launched by Scottish GovernmentUnder One Roof is a major new free website designed to help the half million plus private flat owners in Scotland with the complex and important task of carrying out repairs to their shared properties. The website contains over 100 articles on flat owners’ legal responsibilities towards their co-owners and over 70 technical information articles that enable owners to identify repair problems and understand quotations from builders.

This site is for owners of all types and ages of shared residential properties and their advisers. It will help owners of traditional stone tenements, newly built apartment blocks, ex local authority tenements, four-in-a-blocks and converted houses.

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