Private rented housing

The private rented sector has grown within East Ayrshire and now accounts for almost 7% of the local housing market.

We have a dedicated Private Sector Housing Unit to deal with issues surrounding the private sector and provide housing advice and assistance to all private sector residents, tenants and landlords in East Ayrshire.

Download our guidance for private landlords and guidance for private tenants.

These guides provide all the information tenants and landlords need to know in relation to tenancy agreements, their rights and responsibilities, safety, antisocial behaviour, landlord registration and lots of other useful information.

Finding a property

If you would like a copy of the current Private Landlord Public List, please contact the Private Sector Housing Unit. This list provides contact details for a number of private landlords in the area and may help you to find a suitable property.

You can also contact the private sector housing unit for further information and advice on renting in the private sector.

Please note the Tenants Guide is currently being updated to incorporate changes to legislation.  For more information please contact the Private Sector Housing Unit using the details below.

Contact Information

Private Sector Housing Unit
Civic Centre North
John Dickie Street
Telephone:01563 554584
Telephone: 01563 554560
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