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Rents within the private sector are often much higher than social rented housing such as Council housing. Before you accept a tenancy you must ensure that you will be able to cover the cost of the rent. With multiple occupancy homes there will often be additional charges such as communal heating and lighting charges. You should clarify all the charges associated with the tenancy with the landlord or their agent before you sign any agreement.

The landlord will normally decide when your rent is due to be paid. This will either be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Make sure you keep a record of rent payments such as bank statements or a rent book and always get proof of payment from your landlord, particularly if paying with cash.



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Private Sector Housing Unit direct numbers
Dawn Cadwell, Empty Homes Officer: 07785 446 115
Christine Thomson, Private Sector Assistant: 07785 446 120
Ashley Currie, Private Sector Assistant: 07785 446 275
Gemma Wilks, Private Sector Clerical Assistant: 07785 446 298
Civic Centre North
John Dickie Street
Telephone: 01563 554400