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As a result of right to buy legislation there are many buildings in the area which are shared by Council tenants and homeowners.

Owner occupiers are responsible for their share of the repair and maintenance costs associated with common areas such as roofs, paths, entry stairs and doors. Your title deeds normally tell you about your rights and responsibilities for your own property and for any shared responsibility. They may also detail your proportional share of common costs and your obligations to manage and maintain the buildings or land jointly with the other owners.


In certain emergency situations communal or common repairs may be carried out by the Council and all owner occupiers will be recharged as appropriate.

In non-emergency situations, dependant on certain criteria, owners will be approached with estimated costs and their support enlisted to complete the required works.


All improvements need to be by mutual agreement between all involved parties, with the Council on occasion providing a scheme of assistance offering advice of both a technical and financial nature.

Further information

Launched by the Scottish GovernmentUnder One Roof is a major new free website designed to help the half million plus private flat owners in Scotland with the complex and important task of carrying out repairs to their shared properties. The website contains over 100 articles on flat owners’ legal responsibilities towards their co-owners and over 70 technical information articles that enable owners to identify repair problems and understand quotations from builders.

This website is for owners of all types and ages of shared residential properties and their advisers. It will help owners of traditional stone tenements, newly built apartment blocks, ex local authority tenements, four-in-a-block and converted houses.

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