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Whatever tenure/type of house you are currently in, we have a legal duty to help people who are homeless.

If you are currently a Council tenant facing difficulties you can contact your Neighbourhood Coach to discuss any issues you may be experiencing in the first instance.

Even if you think you might have problems in the future, get in touch with us now - we may be able to help prevent you becoming homeless.

You are homeless if you:

        • have nowhere to live
        • have nowhere that you and your family can live together
        • have somewhere to live but are scared to stay there because of the threat of violence or abuse
        • have somewhere to live but it’s overcrowded and is causing you health problems
        • are living somewhere but the owner has not given you permission to be there
        • have been staying with a friend or relative but they have told you have to leave
        • live in a caravan, mobile home, or boat and have nowhere to put it

        Even if you are not yet homeless but you have to leave where you are living within the next two months, you should still contact us to get advice.

        Worried about your losing home

        If you're worried about losing your home please contact our Housing Options office for help and advice.

        24 hour emergency helpline

        If our offices are closed and you're homeless, please call our 24 hour emergency helpline 0345 724 0000 (local rate).

        Police Scotland

        If you can't get to a phone, visit your nearest Police Station. The Police will contact the Council’s 24 hour emergency helpline on your behalf. 

        Police stations

                • 10 St Marnock Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 1TJ
                • Titchfield Street, Galston, KA4 8AW
                • 78 Ayr Road, Cumnock, KA18 1EE
                • 33 Main Street, Dalmellington, KA6 7AY
                • 8 Avenue Square, Stewarton, KA3 5AB 

                What help can I get if I'm homeless?

                Find out what help you can get if you're homeless.

                What to do if you think you might become homeless

                Get in touch with us

                The first thing you need to do is contact Housing Options. Contact details are below.

                Try to do this before you become homeless so we can start looking at your housing options as soon as possible.

                If you are in hospital or prison, you should ask to speak to a social worker who will help you to contact us. There is also advice and information available within HMP Kilmarnock and staff there can arrange to refer you to the Homeless Service within the Link Centre. 

                If you have any questions about homelessness or becoming homeless, contact us on the details below where our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have and provide expert advice and information.

                If you are a victim of domestic abuse, we can put you in touch with Women’s Aid for advice and support.

                Attend your homeless interview

                If you are homeless we will arrange an interview with one of our officers.

                The interview will last approximately an hour. You can bring a representative of your choice to your interview. You can ask for an officer of the same gender to carry out the interview.

                What happens next

                After your interview, we may offer you temporary accommodation. This could be within a hostel or a furnished property. This will be temporary until a decision is made on your homeless person’s application.

                We will arrange for you to speak to a support officer who can help you in a number of ways including: 

                • filling out your housing applications forms
                • helping you with benefits and money advice
                • helping you find accommodation that suits your needs
                • helping you view your new home
                • help you to access furniture
                • help you to access other agencies that can assist you

                Where can I be housed?

                Once a decision has been made regarding your homeless application we can start to look at the housing options available to you. This will depend on what type of accommodation you need and what is available.

                Due to large number of people on our waiting list you may have a limited choice of accommodation. It is useful to remember that you may not be offered housing in an area that you would desire. It is very important that you think carefully about what areas you are willing to live in and give careful consideration to any offer of housing.

                Contact Information

                24 Hour Emergency Helpline
                Telephone(local rate): 0345 724 0000


                Housing Options
                Opera House
                8 John Finnie Street
                KA1 1DD
                Telephone: 01563 554400