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If you are worried about losing your home contact our Housing Options office for advice and assistance. If our offices are closed and you are homeless contact the 24 hour helpline or if you cannot get to a phone, go to your nearest Police Station.

What can the Council do for me?

We will:

  • offer you an interview with an officer of the same sex
  • offer a translation service if your first language is not english
  • offer assistance if you are unable to read/write
  • offer you the opportunity to bring a friend, relative or advisor to your interview
  • offer you an interview in private
  • treat you with consideration and respect the confidentiality of your situation

A member of staff will ask for details of your housing situation and assess your need for accommodation. If there is a chance to try to prevent you becoming homeless then we will look at your options and give you advice and assistance which may include referring you to another agency.

If required, and depending on your circumstances, you may be offered temporary accommodation or given other assistance. We can provide temporary hostel accommodation or temporary flats while we carry out checks on your situation. We have a hostel in Kilmarnock and temporary accommodation properties throughout East Ayrshire.

What do I need bring with me?

To help the Housing Advisor make a decision on your homeless application they will need to see evidence of your circumstances.  If you bring the information they need to your interview it will let them assess you as quickly as possible. 

Please bring:

  • any documentation relating to the tenancy if your current tenancy is ending, such as a Notice to Quit 'Section 33 - Recovery of Property', AT6 'Notice of Proceedings' form, or a copy of your lease
  • any other relevant documentation relating to your homelessness
  • any relevant ID documentation
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Current Bank / Building Society / Post Office Statement
    • DWP Award Letter (Job Seekers Allowance, Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance)
    • current wage slip
    • Proof of Tax Credits

What happens next?

Once a decision has been made on your homeless application you will be told either:

  • that the Council has a duty to offer you a permanent home, in which case you will normally be able to stay in the temporary accommodation being provided until a suitable offer is made
  • that the Council does not a have a duty to provide you with a permanent home, in which case you will be given a reasonable time (usually 28 days) to find another place to stay. Our support staff can help you in trying to find one.

It can take several weeks to assess your application, but you will be kept informed of any decisions that are made. You will receive an official letter explaining the decision that has been reached and your right to appeal against or ask for a review of the decision if you feel that it is not correct.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse by a partner or ex-partner. It is characterised by a pattern of controlling behaviour which escalates in frequency and severity over time where the perpetrator can be of any gender and can also harm children and young people who experience it or are affected by it within the family home.

Research shows that women are more likely to experience domestic abuse than men and to suffer more serious injury and ongoing assaults than men. However, it should be acknowledged that men can experience domestic abuse from their female partner and that domestic abuse also occurs in same-sex relationships.  The Scottish Government estimates that one in five women in Scotland experiences domestic abuse at some stage in her life. 

If you are a victim of domestic abuse we can provide confidential advice and assistance during and out of hours.

Download our Domestic Abuse Policy (PDF 952Kb)

Women may also contact Women’s Aid who have specially trained staff who offer support and advice and can also assist you to find secure accommodation.

Prevention of homelessness

Since 1 April 2009, all landlords and creditors must send a notice known as a section 11 notice to us when they are starting proceedings for possession or eviction. This enables us to offer early advice and assistance and invite you to come and discuss your situation with us.  

Advice for young people

If you are a young person thinking about leaving home you can find more information on Shelter (Scotland) leaving home website.

For further assistance on your rights you can contact Shelter (Scotland).

Contact Information


24 Hour Emergency Helpline
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Housing Options
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