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Tenant satisfaction

During the period September to November 2017, 1,200 randomly selected tenants took part in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey. The survey questionnaire was developed by Council staff and piloted by members of the East Ayrshire Tenants and Residents Federation. The support of the Federation was extremely valuable in helping to formulate the final questionnaire.

Key findings from the survey have shown that overall, the majority of tenants are satisfied with the service they receive from the Council and almost nine in ten of tenants asked are satisfied with the opportunities they have for participating in the decision making of the Council.

Aside from being satisfied overall, the majority of tenants are also satisfied with the individual elements of the service provided, for example, repairs service, housing quality, information provision, neighbourhood management.

Whilst we are pleased with the feedback received, we have noted within the survey that there are areas where investigation or improvement can be moved forward. We will work in partnership with the East Ayrshire Federation to implement an action plan that will look at improving our service.

Download our Executive Summary of the Tenant Satisfaction Survey or Cabinet Report and Full Tenant Satisfaction Survey for more information.

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