Common housing allocation policy

During 2017, the Council, along with Common Housing Register partners; Atrium Homes, Cunninghame, Irvine and Shire Housing Associations consulted tenants, applicants and others on proposed changes to the Common Housing Allocation Policy.

Changes to our common housing allocation policy

The proposed changes have now been agreed by all partners and will be implemented from 1 of February 2018. The changes are as follows: 

Care and support points

Care and support points are being introduced to support applicants who require a move of property to allow them to either provide or receive care and support from a relative or carer. A care and support application would require to be completed.

Care and support points may be awarded to relatives such as parents, children, siblings or partner. However, consideration will also be given to other relatives or other carers not related to the person.

Applicants must submit supporting evidence which details the formal care needs of the individual requiring care and support. This evidence must include a support plan created by a Care Manager from the Health and Social Care Partnership.

Consideration will also be given to the distance between where the applicant currently lives to the carer or to the person requiring the care.

Care and support points will only be awarded for the letting area in which the carer or the person requiring care resides or the immediate surrounding area depending on the circumstances.

If you think that you may qualify for care and support points please contact our Housing Occupational Therapist on 01563 554821 for further information. 

Sharing points

Sharing points will now be awarded to all eligible applicants regardless of their tenure. This would include owners, tenants, private tenants and those without their own homes who are sharing facilities with others who will not be part of their household. 

Applicants being discharged from the armed forces

Applicants who are being discharged from the Armed Forces will now receive priority for re-housing by being placed on the Strategic Needs Group for six weeks before and six weeks after they are discharged from the services. Those leaving the services should arrange for an interview with an Allocation Officer to discuss their area and house type choices. 

Kinship carers

Kinship carers will now get the same priority as foster carers. This will allow kinship carers, as well as foster carers to be considered for larger size properties than they currently occupy if the need can be met through social rented housing to allow them to foster or care for extended family. Applicants in these circumstances would be referred from East Ayrshire Council’s Health and Social Care Partnership, and if agreed, will be placed on the Strategic Needs Group. 

Offers to applicants on the strategic needs group

Applicants on the Strategic Needs Group who refuse two offers of housing will now revert to the mainstream group applicable to their circumstances within the framework of the Allocation Policy. Previously, applicants received unlimited offers with the exception of those on the Homeless Group. 

Suspension from the housing list after two refusals of offers of housing

A suspension period will now be introduced where an applicant has refused two offers of housing (excluding those on the Strategic Needs and Homeless Groups).

This will mean that applicants will be suspended from the housing list for a period of three months if they have refused two offers of housing.

Applicants will be contacted after their first refusal to discuss their housing options.

Applicants who provide false information

Applicants who provide false information will now be suspended from the housing list for a period of six months.

Appeal timescales

Timescales have now been introduced for applicants who appeal against a decision in regard to their housing application. If an applicant wishes to appeal against a decision, they must do so within 28 days of the decision.

Further information

If you think that any of these changes will apply to your housing application or you would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Housing Register Team.

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