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Applicants have a right of appeal about any aspect of the allocation policy which they feel has been wrongly interpreted or has been wrongly applied to them.

The initial appeal will be considered by either the Allocations Manager or the Housing Register Team Manager.

Applicants dissatisfied with the outcome of the initial appeal can appeal to the Head of Housing and Communities, and have a further right to appeal to the Housing Appeals Sub-Committee.

Unsuccessful applicants will be provided with full written details as to why their appeal was refused, and advice on how to proceed to the next stage of the appeal procedure.

Contact Information


Housing Register Team
Civic Centre North
John Dickie Street
East Ayrshire
Telephone: 01563 554400 (Option 5)


Void Business Unit
Holmquarry House
Holmquarry Road
Telephone: 01563 554400 (Option 5)