Many people may experience difficulty with maths. However, when these difficulties persist despite effective learning and teaching and supportive interventions, there may a specific learning difficulty.

As yet there is no universally agreed terminology to indicate Dyscalculia. However, East Ayrshire has adopted the following definition.

Dyscalculia may affect a pupil’s ability to:

  • acquire arithmetical skills
  • understand simple number concepts
  • gain an intuitive grasp of numbers
  • learn number facts and procedures

Even if they produce a correct answer or use a correct method, they may do so mechanically and without confidence.

(Adapted from Department for Education and Skills, 2001)

Dyscalculia is associated with a difficulty with two numerical concepts:

  • Subitising: the ability to identify how many objects there are without counting them
  • Number sense: the ability to determine whether one group has more objects, or is bigger than the other

Possible indicators of Dyscalculia

  • Poor number sense, for example: 4 bananas being counted as 5
  • Poor understanding or confusion of mathematical symbols such as + - x = 
  • Difficulty with times tables
  • Difficulty understanding place value
  • Difficulty with everyday tasks such as dealing with money and working out change
  • Low self-esteem and anxiety resulting from maths

Identification and support

Identifying and assessing dyscalculia is an ongoing process.

Information is gathered over a period of time through classroom observations, looking at the child’s/young person’s work and class based assessments rather than a single test.

Discussion and working together is a key part of the assessment process and participants may include school ASN co-ordinator, class teacher, parents, East Ayrshire Support Team (EAST) and the education psychologist.

Gathered evidence is discussed and appropriate supports are put in place.

Progress is reviewed regularly.

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