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Ayrshire Roads Alliance successfully bid for Spaces for People funding from Sustrans which allows temporary measures to be put in place to make it easier for people who are walking and wheeling to socially distance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As part of this funding, we looked at temporary measures to support physical distancing at local shops and services such as pharmacies, post offices, banks or to support active travel for essential journeys.

Temporary measures could include:

  • removing parking to create extra footway space
  • introducing speed restrictions
  • providing a segregated cycle lane
  • enforcing existing parking restrictions
  • providing physical distancing information
  • providing additional cycle parking


Thank you to everyone who took the time to place a comment on one of our heatmaps or to comment on our proposals on the Spaces for People East Ayrshire website.

We have collated and analysed all your feedback and suggestions and have developed a package of temporary interventions which will be rolled out in 2021. 

Projects update

We will provide further updates on this page as these projects are developed and implemented. 

Physical distancing banners

We’ve installed physical distancing banners at all schools and early childhood centres (ECC) entrances across East Ayrshire and will be providing some more at locations where there are decant pick up and drop offs.

The photo below is Bellsbank Primary School displaying a physical distancing banner.

Bellsbank Primary School displaying a physical distancing banner

Contact Information


Ayrshire Roads Alliance
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Telephone: 01563 503160