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East Ayrshire park and stride logo showing people walking, cycling, scooting and wheeling to school

A road space reallocation scheme (funded through the Spaces for People programme) has been provided on Kilwinning Road, Stewarton to provide more space for parents and children when walking, scooting or cycling to school. 

The scheme is supported by a Park and Stride Scheme from the Rose Reilly Sports Centre car park, via an upgraded path to Kilwinning Road.

Feedback during the initial trial period indicated that the scheme is supported by the local community and as a result, the temporary buildouts have been made permanent.

At the request of the community, a third buildout by the play park is being trialled using temporary kerbing, while we gather feedback which will help to determine if the third buildout should also become a permanent feature. 

For more details download the plan for Lainshaw Primary School (PDF 806Kb). 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of walking, cycling or scooting?

Starting your school day with a walk or a short cycle ride is better than having to digest your cornflakes sitting in the back of a car. There is evidence of a link between more physical activity and an increase in academic achievement.

Early years' aged children can easily walk half a mile, increasing to at least one and a half miles in primary school.

Scooters fit easily into the boot of a car so you can park and scoot if you prefer. Travelling this way to and from school allows you to teach your children valuable road safety skills (Green Cross Code), play games like 'I Spy' and talk about their school day.

How does the scheme affect me?

Parents and carers who currently drive their children to school and park/drop off children on Kilwinning Road in the vicinity of the school will need to make alternative arrangements. They can use the new park and stride or choose to park and stride from another location or walk/cycle/scoot from home. 

I’m a blue badge holder. Can I still park on Kilwinning Road?

Parking on double yellow lines is permitted as long as a valid blue badge is displayed. Please choose a safe place to stop your vehicle and ensure that it's not causing an obstruction or nuisance to other road users.

I normally drive my children to school and park on Kilwinning Road. Where can I park instead?

Exemptions are in place for blue badge holders.

If you do not have a blue badge we would ask that you consider walking, cycling or scooting from home. If you are unable to do this you will need to park elsewhere and complete the last part of the journey on foot, bike or scooter.

For more details of the proposed extent of the parking restrictions download the plan for Lainshaw Primary School (PDF 632Kb)

You may choose to use the designated park and stride site at the Rose Reilly Sports Centre or find alternative parking. If choosing to park and stride from a nearby residential area, we would ask that you park considerately, thinking about the access needs of local residents.

If parking in the Rose Reilly Sports Centre car park, please be vigilant when walking or driving in the car park, supervise your children at all times and use the designated pedestrian areas.

What if I don’t have time to walk my children to school?

The playground is supervised from 15 minutes before the first bell.

If you aren’t able to change the times of your other commitments (work, childcare, other school runs) then consider whether dropping your children at school during this supervised period will give you the extra time you need to stay on schedule.

What happens when the weather is bad?

The parking restrictions will remain in place in all weather conditions. Wet weather days tend to be when the streets around schools become busiest with traffic and visibility is reduced from rain on the windscreen and spray on the roads. The fewer vehicles parking around the school on poor weather days, the safer it is for families walking or wheeling.

We appreciate concerns around arriving at school wet. Umbrellas, wellies and waterproofs are all useful to have and you could carry a change of shoes for your child to put on when they arrive at school.

Will there be more cycle/scooter parking provided at the primary school?

Yes - funding is available to provide additional cycle and scooter parking and we hope to install additional units during the autumn.

How long will the trial last?

We hope to keep the buildouts in place for the whole of the summer term. Monitoring of the scheme would be carried out in week three and there will be scope to amend or abandon the scheme early once the data has been analysed. 

How is the scheme being funded?

Ayrshire Roads Alliance successfully bid for  Spaces for People funding from Sustrans which allows temporary measures to be put in place to make it easier for people who are walking and wheeling to socially distance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We have secured additional funding from Sustrans to enable us to make successful trial interventions permanent if it is feasible to do so.

Walk, cycle or scoot to school

The Sustrans website has useful top tips on walking, cycling or scooting to school:

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