We gather performance information to monitor and improve services.

The East Ayrshire Community Plan and the Single Outcome Agreement are the main strategic tools used to plan for and report on our performance. You can read more about these on the Community Planning website

Performance indicators (PIs)

We use a range of Performance Indicators (PIs) to assess whether we are meeting our targets. Some PIs are set nationally by the Scottish Government, others have been decided locally because they are important to us and our local communities.

Performance indicators help us show that we are continuously improving. We use national indicators to compare our performance with other councils across Scotland. Targets are used to focus on what needs to be done to improve our performance. We also develop action plans to tell local residents how we intend to bring about improvements.

We believe that by delivering against our targets we make a real difference to the lives of the people of East Ayrshire.

Electronic performance management system (EPMS)

We have developed an Electronic Performance Management System(EPMS). Service scorecards have been developed and these are used to monitor performance indicators on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. This helps us continuously improve the delivery of services.

Information from EPMS is used to report on the Community Plan and the Single Outcome Agreement. It also informs our Annual Performance Report so that local residents have access to a comprehensive range of useful performance reports.

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