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We have supported steering groups to deliver the Participatory Budgeting (PB) events since 2016.

The results and decisions taken at recent events are listed below.

2023 events


Bellfield successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Bellfield Community Council  Bring life back to our estate  £2,000
Bellfield Youth FC Blooming football  £1,968
Individual  Clean-up for Killieween £2,000
Pathway to Health Bellfield Bowling Club £2,000
Individual War Memorial Bench at the Well £1,717.20
Individual  Bellfield's Make it, Bag it, Bin it! £315


Dalrymple successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Dalrymple Primary School and Early Childhood Centre (ECC) Parent Council  School Allotments £1,500
Dalrymple, Skeldon & Hollybush Project Dalrymple in Bloom £1,500
Individual Smarter Village £1,190
Dalrymple, Skeldon and Hollybush Project Garden for Pollinators £1,500
Heather McColgan  Crafting Fairy Gardens £1,500
Heather McColgan Tub O' Veg £1,500
Individual  Friendly Flocks/Summer Group £655
Dalrymple Bowling Club  Environmental Enhancement £655

Drongan, Rankinston and Stair 

Drongan, Rankinston and Stair successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Drongan Primary School Parent Council  Breakfast club £2,000
Drongan Primary School Parent Council  Outdoor GArden Equipment £2,000
Drongan United Grassroots  Breakfast of Champions £2,000
Drongan United Grassroots  Hannahston Woods £1,885
Drongan, Rankinston and Stair Community Council Eco Christmas Lights £2,000
Friends of Hannahston Woods Hannahston Woods Project £1,615

Muirkirk and Glenbuck 

 Muirkirk and Glenbuck successful projects - Capital
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Muirkirk Playgroup  Play Equipment  £5,349
Muirkirk Junior FC Fixed Netting and Fridge £10,000
Muirkirk Golf Club  Greenkeeping Equipment Upgrade £10,000
Muirkirk Enterprise Group Heritage Park and Drainage Improvements £10,000
Muirkirk Community Association Christmas Lights £4,651
Muirkirk and Glenbuck successful projects - Revenue
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Muirkirk Gala Day Muirkirk Gala Day 2024 £2,000
Muirkirk Elderly Club Christmas Lunch and Theatre Trip £2,000
Muirkirk Playgroup Running and Activity Costs £1,318
Muirkirk Parent Council  Sticky Fingers Club £2,000
Zumba Kids Fitness  Zumba Fitness £1,090
Individual  Community Furniture Box £1,500
Muirkirk Learners Group Wednesday Craft Club £92

New Farm Loch 

New Farm Loch successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Take a Bow Opportunity Centre Green Fingers Gardening £1,000
Assloss Community Garden  Assloss Community Garden £1,500
St Andrews Primary School Parent Council Playground Restoration £1,500
James Hamilton Primary School Parent Council Creative Steps to a Better Environment £1,500
Dean Thistle Football Club Equipment Upgrade £1,500
James Hamilton Primary School Parent Council Growing With Our Community £1,500
Dean Thistle Football Club Pavilion Upgrade  £1,500

North West Kilmarnock

North West Kilmarnock successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Avenue Childcare Our World Outdoors £1,000
Bikers as Friends Knockinlaw Community Gala £1,000
Branching Out Community Initiative Solar Panels £175
Food and Essentials For All Fresh Food For All £1,000
Kilmarnock North West Community Partnership NWKLEUS upgrade £1,000
North West Kilmarnock Bowling Club Exterior Security and Visual Improvements £1,000
North West Senior Men’s Club Club Start-up £1,000
Onthank AFC Newlands Drive Improvements £1,000
Onthank Primary School Pupil Council Outdoor Classroom £1,000
Patchwork Recovery Community Outdoor Activities £1,000
YMCA+ Kilmarnock Recycling Bins £825


Patna Successful projects
GroupProject titleAmount awarded
Patna Primary School, Supported Learning Centre (SLC) and ECC Parent Council Outdoor Wellbeing and Green Project £9,933.19
St Xavier's Primary School Parent Council Sensory Environment £5,000
Patna P7s and Parents Group Primary 7 Residential Trip to Inverclyde £3,800
Patna Community Larder Eco Larder Bags £1,266.81

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