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We did it!

Huge congratulations to all our active traveller crews. We gathered 313,028 S-miles and sent our Clean Green Rocket to the Moon!

Most importantly, we saved 6,960 gallons of fuel being burned and prevented 69,305 kg CO2 being released into the atmosphere!

Mission to the Moon Complete showing 313,028 S-miles


Mission to the moon logo

An active travel initiative

Mission to the Moon, an active travel initiative funded by the Climate Change Fund, was launched in our primary schools.

Each primary school was invited to accept a mission from Mission Control to help launch a Clean Green, environmentally friendly rocket that is powered by S-Miles (school miles).

All the schools participating aimed to earn 238,855 S-Miles to power the rocket from Earth to the Moon.

The mission

Each Active Traveller crew could earn S-Miles by:

  • walking, cycling or scooting to school
  • parking and striding
  • waking the S-Miles circuit at their own school

Each school set a target destination anywhere in the world.

It could be their school to Edinburgh Castle, their school to Disney World or any chosen starting point and destination, like John O’Groats to Land’s End. They worked out the number of S-Miles needed to get there and set a target time.

Find out more about the mission on ThingLink.

Who could join the active traveller crew

Everyone could!

All children and young people and teaching staff could earn bonus miles by travelling around the S-Mile circuit at break or lunchtime. Crew members who took part in the Daily Mile earn bonus S-Miles.

Parents, carers and siblings could also join the crew and earn bonus S-Miles by walking to school.

Mission control

Mission Control kept a tally of every S-Mile earned and recorded it on an S-Mile-ometer, which added power to the Clean Green Rocket and issued monthly updates to schools.

Mission Control could also add bonus S-Miles to Active Traveller crews who impressed them with their commitment and determination to complete their mission.

There was also fun competitions and challenges throughout the mission.

Mission to the Moon was out of this world!

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