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Rocket flying in space passing the planet Jupiter, with the words Journey to Jupiter and Clean Green East AyrshireAn active travel initiative

Journey to Jupiter, an active travel initiative funded by the Climate Change Fund, has launched in our Early Years Centres and schools.

The aim of the project is to get young people walking to school, in a bid to further reduce our carbon emissions here in East Ayrshire, while also reducing congestion at our school gates and promoting active travel. 

Our journey begins on Tuesday 26 September 2023 and continues each week until Friday 14 June 2024.

Mission Control has invited each establishment to join the journey and help launch a Clean Green, environmentally friendly rocket that is powered by S-Miles (school miles).

Every S-mile gathered, adds a power bar to the rocket which means it can travel 1000 miles into space.

All the centres and schools participating will try and earn 444,000 S-Miles/444 m power bars to send the rocket all the way to Jupiter.

The journey

Each Active Traveller crew can earn S-Miles by:

  • walking, cycling or scooting to school
  • parking and striding
  • waking the S-Miles circuit at their own school

Each school sets a target destination anywhere in the world.

It could be their school to Edinburgh Castle, their school to Disney World or any chosen starting point and destination, like John O’Groats to Land’s End. They work out the number of S-Miles needed to get there and set a target time.

Who can join the active traveller crew

Everyone can!

All children and young people and teaching staff can earn bonus miles by travelling around the S-Mile circuit at break or lunchtime. Crew members who take part in the Daily Mile earn bonus S-Miles.

Parents, carers and siblings can also join the crew and earn bonus S-Miles by walking to school.

Mission control

Mission Control will keep a tally of every S-Mile earned, will record it on a S-Mile-ometer, which will add power to the Clean Green Rocket and issue monthly updates to schools.

Mission Control can also add bonus S-Miles to Active Traveller crews that impress with their commitment and determination to complete their mission.

There will also be fun competitions and challenges throughout the journey.

How to join the journey

If you're not yet involved, please get in touch. We would love you to join us! 

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