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Sale of tobacco to underage girl refused

There are a number of products which are subject to age restrictions on their sale such as fireworks, solvents, cigarettes, petrol and aerosol paint. 

Rules regarding these products are enforced by Trading Standards who will investigate any complaints made.

We enforce a number of pieces of legislation designed to protect young people. These include the:

  • sale of tobacco products to under 18s

  • sale of butane lighter refills to under 18s

  • classification of video recordings

  • sale of fireworks to under 18s

Trading Standards now make covert test purchases of age restricted products in conjunction with school children to find out if traders are complying with under age sales legislation.

If you have a complaint regarding sales to underage young people, or are a business involved in the sale of such products and would like more information on the legal requirements, please contact us using the details below.

Contact Information

Trading Standards Service
Telephone: 01563 576790 for business advice