Buying goods

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Goods must be of satisfactory quality and meet a standard which would be acceptable to a reasonable person. Cost is taken into consideration for this, as is the appearance and finish of goods, their safety and durability. Goods must be free from defects, even minor ones, unless they have been brought to your attention by the seller.

Goods must also be fit for their purpose, including any particular purpose mentioned by you to the seller and as described by the seller, on the package or display sign for example 100% wool jersey should not be a wool/acrylic mix.

These rules apply to all goods whether bought or hired, including door step sales, mail order purchases and goods bought in sales.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your being entitled to the following:

  • Reject the goods and claim a full refund
  • A repair or replacement
  • A partial or full refund
  • Compensation - typically the cost of repairing or replacing the goods

You are not entitled to anything if you:

  • Examined the goods when your bought them and should have seen the fault
  • Were told about the fault
  • Simply change your mind
  • Made a mistake when you bought the goods, for example, wrong size or colour
  • Did the damage yourself

If you require further advice or assistance please contact our Trading Standards Service or complete and submit the form under Online Forms. 

Contact Information

Trading Standards Service
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Telephone: 01563 576602