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We have identified three localities across East Ayrshire:

  • Northern (Annick and Irvine Valley)
  • Kilmarnock (including Crosshouse and Hurlford)
  • Southern (Cumnock and Doon Valley)

Working together in these areas will help us plan and deliver better services to improve local health and wellbeing.

There is a Locality Planning Group in each of the three areas to lead on this work.

A Locality Planning Group is a group of people who play an active part in service planning for the local population, in order to improve outcomes.

The law that brings together health and social care services says each local authority area has to be divided into at least two localities. In East Ayrshire, all Community Planning Partners have made working together in localities a priority to empower and engage communities.

Check out our guide to Locality Planning (PDF 314Kb) for more information.

Localities are the setting for operational services to make improvements. GP practices and schools have been clustered around the localities to ensure we are working together.

Get involved

You can also join our Wellbeing Network to be involved - it doesn't have to mean attending meetings.

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Locality groups and plans

Each locality has its own Planning Group, who meet regularly. All parts of the community; paid employees from Community Planning Partner organisations, community groups, voluntary and independent sector and people who live in our communities are vital to the success of these groups.

Each group is responsible for developing and delivering a plan for its locality. The groups look at the priorities and needs of the communities in the area and the assets they have to meet them. From there, actions to improve health and wellbeing for people, families and communities are put in place:

Northern locality

Kilmarnock locality

Southern locality

Participatory budgeting

Lots of local groups and projects have already successfully secured funding through a process called Participatory Budgeting (PB), organised by the Locality Planning Groups.

Join our Wellbeing Network to get information on our plans, events and activities.

Wellbeing for all fund 2023

The Wellbeing for All Participatory Budgeting fund is now open for applications. More information and how to apply is available at Living well in East Ayrshire: Wellbeing for All Participatory Budgeting Fund.

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