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From time to time and for many reasons, some people experience difficulties that lead them to use alcohol or drugs.

Often this use of alcohol and/or drugs becomes problematic and can have a significant impact not only on the individual’s health and wellbeing, but also on the health and wellbeing of their family and carers, as well as impacting on the wider community.

Help with drugs

Drugs treatment and support

If you need help with a drug problem, please contact the NHS Community Addiction Team, who can provide a range of information, advice and support.

We Are With You can provide advice on how to overcome drug use issues, and provide a supportive environment for those seeking help.

Navigators is a pilot programme currently run by We Are With You to help those in prison access relevant recovery services after release.

Drugs recovery

If you are recovering from drug use, consider contacting one of the recovery services in East Ayrshire for continued support:

  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs - SFAD provides information and advice to those concerned by a family member's potential drug/alcohol use issues, and can help to redirect them to an appropriate recovery service. The service is intended to include family as part of the recovery journey.
  • CHAT Van - The Community Health Improvement Plan is a mobile health improvement service that provides basic health checks, and offers information and advice on healthy living, mental health, and alcohol and drug use.
  • Scottish Drugs Forum - it runs a peer programme for those looking to help others who are affected by drug use issues through its Addiction Worker Training Project.
  • Patchwork: a volunteer-run recovery network that provides an opportunity to those with pre-existing drug and alcohol use issues to engage in volunteering activities.

Help with alcohol

Alcohol treatment and support

If you need help with an alcohol problem, please contact Ayrshire Council on Alcohol which can provide a range of information, advice and support. In Scotland, figures suggest that as many as half of men and a third of women regularly drink above the sensible drinking guidelines.

Current guidelines recommend that people should not regularly exceed 14 units per week. It is also recommended that everyone should aim for at least two alcohol free days.

Help with drugs and alcohol


Advice and support

Our Lifestyle Development team can provide advice and support to those who want to change their current habits and signpost you on to services who can provide more specialist support.

Contact Information


East Ayrshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership
The Johnnie Walker Bond
15 Strand Street
Telephone: 01563 576728


Rapid Access to Drug and Alcohol Recovery (RADAR)
North West Area Centre
Western Road
Telephone: 01563 574237


Ayrshire Council on Alcohol
24 Fullarton Street
South Ayrshire
Telephone: 01292 281238


NHS Addiction Services (East Ayrshire)
North West Area Centre
Western Road
Telephone: 01563 574237
Community Health Activity Team (CHAT)
Telephone: 01563 576354
Telephone: 01563 578124