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East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership deliver and commission a range of services with partners across our local communities. Our Strategic Plan priorities seek to support all of our local residents and communities and ensure we design or deliver services with key partners:

  • Children and Young People, including those in early years, and their parents / carers are supported to be active, healthy and to reach their potential at all life stages;
  • All residents are given the opportunity to improve their wellbeing ,to lead an active healthy life and to make positive lifestyle choices;
  • Older people and adults who require support and their families and carers are included and empowered to live the healthiest life possible, and;
  • Communities are supported to address the impact inequalities has on the health and wellbeing of our residents.

Partnership  working  extends  beyond  our own  services  and  includes  close  working  with Education, Vibrant Communities, Housing, Leisure  Services and the Third and Independent sectors acknowledged as part of the wider workforce within health and social care.

Local communities are integral to how we shape and design services for the future; community led action plans, locality planning groups and stakeholder involvement and representation on our governance groups are all ways we ensure the wider engagement of partners. We regularly work alongside local and national third sector organisations.

The links below will provide more information on our partnership working.

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