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How communities help shape future health and social care

Any major change in the way services are delivered affects the people who use the service. For this reason, communities must be informed, involved and given the opportunity to express their views and have them considered and taken into account in the planning, redesign and development of the services.

Right now communities are being asked what they think of the current services they are receiving and if they think they are being delivered in the right way and from the right premises. Events are being organised to allow communities to come along and share their views, opinions and feedback about the services they are currently receiving and how they would like to see services delivered in the future.

Engagement events

Engagement events on how our health and social care services might be better delivered in the future will be held in the following five areas:

Your views are important because they will shape the way future health services are delivered in your area. 

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East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
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