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The future of health and care services

In delivering future health and care services there will be a greater emphasis on the prevention of illness and disease, more self-care using technology, earlier intervention and quicker treatments to prevent complications arising, more services delivered in the home and in the community, and more easily accessible specialist services.

All the changes needed to improve the delivery of services will take time but there are some changes you may have already noticed. These changes have come about as a result of the Primary Care Improvement Plan which also set out the changes to GP contracts that were implemented in April 2018.

Multi-disciplinary Teams are being introduced to GP practices to allow easier and quicker access to the services they provide. Where it is safe, appropriate and improves patient care, some tasks which are currently carried out by the GP, will be performed by qualified  members of the Multi-disciplinary Team attached to each practice instead, either at the practice or at another site.

The professionals making up the multi-disciplinary team

Assessment Receptionists are skilled practice staff who have been trained to ask a series of questions when you request an appointment. The questions they ask are designed to direct you to see the best person to help you with your health problem. Helping the receptionist by answering these questions will ensure you see someone who can help quicker than might be the case otherwise.

Advanced Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified senior nurses trained to assess patients, diagnose, and prescribe for medical conditions. They can also refer, admit and discharge where appropriate. They can refer patients directly to others in the Multi-disciplinary Team.

Pharmacists are fully trained medical professionals who may or may not be located in your local pharmacy. They can review medication and run specialist clinics.

Specialised Physiotherapists have specialised knowledge to assess and treat any pain that affects muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Mental Health Practitioners are qualified members of the team who can assess the need for access to mental health services.

Community Connectors are specially trained individuals with specialist knowledge of what is available in your community who can support and help you navigate, and get access to, a large range of care services and social benefits.

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