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Kilmarnock development framework consultation

The Kilmarnock Development Framework consultation is now closed. Find out what happens next on the proposed Local Development Plan 2 consultation page.

Local development plan 2

This is a plan which looks at the whole area and outlines whether or not specific areas are suitable for future development, what types of development they are suitable for, and how this will affect the future environment, infrastructure and economic wellbeing of these areas. 

LDP2, which brings together a range of policies and proposals on sustainability, place and environment, economy and employment, transport and infrastructure and energy and resources, has been produced to comply with the Scottish Government’s Planning legislation and will be used to inform all decisions on planning applications. 

The whole process is put to public consultation at key stages of its development. 

Kilmarnock development

The development of Kilmarnock Town Centre and South Central Kilmarnock has been a key consideration from the earliest stages in the creation of the Plan.

During the Main Issues Report (PDF 67.89Mb) consultation period, a number of representations were submitted on issues relating to Kilmarnock Town Centre, South Central Kilmarnock and flooding. Flooding has been a longstanding problem in East Ayrshire. Recent flood mapping shows that much of central Kilmarnock is liable to flood inundation.

We have worked with the Key Agencies Group (KAG), the community and consultants in order to research potential land use solutions and consultants Ryden and Austin Smith: Lord have produced the Kilmarnock Town Centre and South Central Kilmarnock Development Framework (PDF 10.49Mb).

This document is intended eventually to be, or form part of supplementary guidance which supports the Spatial Strategy of the Proposed Plan and comprises of:

  • an illustrated development framework
  • a placemaking plan
  • a draft list of potential land use actions

This document, which combines the findings of previous strategies, provides a launchpad for further action. This document is open for consultation alongside the Plan. We are keen to find out what actions you think we should prioritise.

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