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Council vacancies

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Vacancies information
References Title Location
EAY09644Assistant Business Support Analyst - EAY09644John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY09885Business Gateway Start Up Advisor - EAY09885John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY09948Business Support Admin Assistant - EAY09948The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock
EAY09949Business Support Assistant - EAY09949The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock
EAY09953Business Support Assistant - EAY09953Cumnock Area Centre 1 Greenholm Road Cumnock
EAY09992Business Support Officer - EAY09992The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock
EAY05535Catering Assistant (Bank Register) - EAY05535Across East Ayrshire
EAY01732Cleaner (Bank Register) - EAY01732Across East Ayrshire
EAY09594Cleaner (Term Time) - EAY09594Onthank Early Childhood CentreMeiklewood Road Kilmarnock
EAY09990Customer Services Representative - EAY09990Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY08170Electrician - EAY08170Gauchalland Depot Ayr Road Galston
EAY10025Enforcement Officer - EAY10025Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY02251Facilities Assistant (Bank Register) - EAY02251Across East Ayrshire
EAY10035Graduate Environmental Health Officer - EAY10035Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY09952Graduate Intern - Data Management - EAY09952Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY09999Graduate Intern - Data Science and Analytics - EAY09999John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY09975Graduate Intern - HR - EAY099758 John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY09898Graduate Intern - Internal Audit - EAY09898Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY09854Occupational Therapist - EAY09854Across East Ayrshire
EAY09861Occupational Therapist - EAY09861John Dickie Street
EAY09661Place Co-ordinator - EAY09661Across East Ayrshire
EAY09881Recycling Driver - EAY09881Council Offices Southhook Road Kilmarnock
EAY09913Recycling Driver - EAY09913Western Road
EAY09941School Technical Technician, Doon Academy, Dalmellington - EAY09941Doon Academy
EAY09545Service Manager - Housing Asset Services - EAY09545Holmquarry House Holmquarry Road
EAY10013Social Worker - Justice Services - EAY10013Cumnock Area Centre 1 Greenholm Road Cumnock
EAY10023Social Worker - Locality Health & Care - EAY10023The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock
EAY09714Teacher (Gaelic), Sgoil na Coille Nuaidh (James Hamilton Primary School), Kilmarnock - EAY09714James Hamilton Primary School Sutherland Drive Kilmarnock
EAY09891Teacher of Art & Design, Grange Academy, Kilmarnock - EAY09891Grange Academy
EAY10072Teacher of Business Education, St Joseph's Academy - EAY10072St Josephs Academy
EAY10088Teacher of English & Literacy, Kilmarnock Academy, Kilmarnock - EAY10088Kilmarnock Academy McIlvanney Campus Sutherland Drive Kilmarnock
EAY10070Teacher of History, St Joseph's Academy - EAY10070St Josephs Academy
EAY10062Teacher of Mathematics, Kilmarnock Academy, Kilmarnock - EAY10062Kilmarnock Academy McIlvanney Campus Sutherland Drive Kilmarnock
EAY10069Teacher of Music, St Joseph's Academy - EAY10069St Josephs Academy
EAY10071Teacher of Support for Learning, St Joseph's Academy - EAY10071St Josephs Academy
EAY09983Team Manager - Locality Health & Care - EAY09983The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock

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