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References Title Location
EAY07069Facilities Co-ordinator - EAY07069Whatriggs Primary School, Whatriggs Road, Kilmarnock
EAY07086Catering Assistant (Term Time) - EAY07086Drongan Primary School
EAY07089Catering Assistant (Term Time) - EAY07089Darvel Primary School
EAY07070Catering Assistant (Term Time) - EAY07070Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road
EAY07079Catering Assistant (Term Time) - EAY07079William McIlvanney Leisure Centre, Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock
EAY07097Catering Assistant - EAY07097Galston Primary School
EAY07078Catering Assistant (Term Time) - EAY07078Darvel Primary School
EAY07073Cleaner (Term Time) - EAY07073Patna Primary School
EAY07074Cleaner (Term Time) - EAY07074Dalmellington Early Childhood Centre,Ayr Road, Dalmellington
EAY07080Crossing Patroller (Term Time) - EAY07080Whatriggs Primary School, Whatriggs Road, Kilmarnock
EAY07077Crossing Patroller (Term Time) - EAY07077William McIlvanney Leisure Centre, Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock
EAY07076Crossing Patroller (Term Time) - EAY07076William McIlvanney Leisure Centre, Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock
EAY06702Advanced Plumber - EAY06702Burnside Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07117Senior Clerical Assistant at Cherry Trees ECC - EAY07117Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road
EAY07121Early Learning and Childcare Support Assistant at Dalrymple ECC - EAY07121Dalrymple Early Childhood Centre,Hillview, Dalrymple
EAY07023Early Learning and Childcare Support Assistant at Muirkirk ECC - EAY07023Muirkirk Early Childhood Centre,Burns Avenue, Muirkirk
EAY07118Early Learning and Childcare Support Assistant at Newmilns ECC - EAY07118Newmilns Early Childhood Centre, Gilfoot, Newmilns
EAY07000Classroom Assistant, Bellsbank Primary School, Bellsbank - EAY07000Bellsbank Primary School
EAY06818Principal Teacher of Gaelic, James Hamilton Primary School - EAY06818James Hamilton Primary School, Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock
EAY07103Occupational Therapist - EAY07103The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07024Team Manager - Childrens Health, Care and Justice Services - EAY07024The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06998Community Care Co-ordinator - EAY06998Cumnock Area Centre, 1 Greenholm Road, Cumnock
EAY06935Social Worker - Locality Health & Care - EAY06935The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07085Social Worker - MH, Addictions & LD - EAY07085North West Area Centre
EAY06934Social Worker - MH, Addictions & LD - EAY06934North West Area Centre
EAY06977Social Worker - MH, Addictions & LD - EAY06977Cumnock Area Centre, 1 Greenholm Road, Cumnock
EAY06943Financial Inclusion Assistant - EAY06943The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06978Business Support Administrator - EAY06978The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06574Principal Teacher at Patna Supported Learning Centre, Patna - EAY06574Patna Primary School
EAY06215Clerical Assistant at Darvel Primary School, Darvel - EAY06215Darvel Primary School
EAY06844Classroom Assistant, Stewarton Academy - EAY06844Stewarton Academy
EAY06755Principal Teacher at Lochnorris Primary School - EAY06755Lochnorris Primary School, Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road, Cumnock
EAY06925Head Teacher, Mount Carmel Primary School, Kilmarnock - EAY06925Mount Carmel Primary School
EAY07011Senior Clerical Assistant, Netherthird Primary School, Cumnock - EAY07011Netherthird Primary School
EAY07112Receptionist at The Barony Campus - EAY07112Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road
EAY07109Business Support Analyst - EAY071098 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07050Finance Assistant - Employability - EAY070508 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07049Assistant Registrar/Clerical Assistant - EAY07049Burns Monument, Kilmarnock
EAY06780Residential Worker - EAY06780Across East Ayrshire
EAY06812Teacher of English, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus) - EAY06812Barony Campus, Auchinleck Road
EAY06256Residential Worker ( Peripatetic) - EAY06256Across East Ayrshire
EAY07115Teacher, Dalrymple Primary School, Dalrymple - EAY07115Dalrymple Primary School
EAY02310Bank Community Learning Tutor - EAY02310Across East Ayrshire
EAY06770Rapid Rehousing Transition Lead - EAY06770John Dickie Street
EAY07113Teacher of English at Grange Academy - EAY07113Grange Academy
EAY07031Teacher, St Sophia's Primary School, Galston - EAY07031St Sophia’s Primary School, Nelville Drive, Galston
EAY06041Business Support Officer (Community Wealth Building) - EAY060418 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY05725Building Standards Surveyor (Graduate) - EAY057258 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06745Building Standards Surveyor - EAY067458 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06882Service Officer (Collaborative Commissioning) - EAY06882The Johnnie Walker Bond, 15 Strand Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07075Community Care Officer - Moving on Service - EAY07075Across East Ayrshire
EAY06724Recycling Driver - EAY06724Western Road, Kilmarnock
EAY06962Teacher (Education Recovery) at Patna Primary School - EAY06962Patna Primary School
EAY06904E Planning Systems Administrator - EAY069048 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06621Senior Planning Officer - EAY066218 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07091Community Care Officer - Mental Health, Addictions and Learning Disabilities - EAY07091Berryknowe, 1 Backrogerton Crescent, Auchinleck
EAY06912Teacher of Technical Education, Kilmarnock Academy - EAY06912Kilmarnock Academy, McIlvanney Campus, Sutherland Drive, Kilmarnock
EAY07040Recycling & Collections Assistant - EAY07040Western Road
EAY07033Digital/Office Assistant - EAY070338 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07042Facility & Cleaning Support Assistant - EAY07042Across East Ayrshire
EAY07110Teacher (Education Recovery) at Lainshaw Primary, Stewarton - EAY07110Lainshaw Primary School
EAY07084General Office Assistant - EAY07084Western Road, Kilmarnock
EAY07041Digital Assistant - EAY07041Western Road
EAY06950Teacher - Raising Attainment, Gargieston Primary School - EAY06950Gargieston Primary School
EAY07046Vibrant Communities Assistant - EAY07046Across East Ayrshire
EAY07032Outdoor Maintenance/Horticulture Assistant - EAY07032Across East Ayrshire
EAY07057Community Care Officer- (Permanent, Temporary & Bank ) - EAY07057Across East Ayrshire
EAY06893Mechanical Engineer (Senior Contract Administrator) - EAY068938 John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock
EAY06917Senior Social Work Practitioner - EAY06917Crosshouse Hospital, Lister Street, Kilmarnock
EAY07071Occupational Therapist - EAY07071Dalmellington Local Office

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