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Council vacancies

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Vacancies information
References Title Location
EAY10331Teacher of Music & Performing Arts, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10331Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10332Teacher of Geography, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10332Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10333Teacher of History, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10333Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10279Teacher of English, Loudoun Academy, Galston - EAY10279Loudoun Academy
EAY10204Modern Apprentice - Horticulture - EAY10204Western Road
EAY10319Community Care Officer - EAY10319Across East Ayrshire
EAY07001Depute Head of Finance - EAY07001Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY10301Residential Worker - EAY10301Across East Ayrshire
EAY10307Day Care Officer - EAY10307Auchinleck Resource Centre28 Well RoadAuchinleck
EAY10315Teacher of Technical, St Joseph's Academy - EAY10315St Josephs Academy
EAY10303Teacher of Mathematics, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10303Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10304Teacher of Computing, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10304Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY09973Teacher of Home Economics, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY09973Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10202Teacher of English, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10202Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY10225Teacher of Business Studies & IT, Robert Burns Academy (Barony Campus), Cumnock - EAY10225Barony Campus Auchinleck Road
EAY09800Cleaner (Term Time) - EAY09800William McIlvanney Campus Sutherland Drive Kilmarnock
EAY10219Day Services Assistant - EAY10219Riverside Day Centre Ayr Road Cumnock
EAY09907Occupational Therapist - EAY09907Across East Ayrshire
EAY09619Business Support Analyst - EAY09619John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY10267Day Services Assistant - EAY10267Balmoral Road Kilmarnock
EAY09995Modern Apprentice - Customer Services - EAY099958 John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY10216Team Manager (Locality - Children and Families) - EAY10216The Johnnie Walker Bond 15 Strand Street Kilmarnock
EAY09975Graduate Intern - HR (Equalities and Diversity) - EAY099758 John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY10168Modern Apprentice - Accounting - EAY10168Council Headquarters London Road Kilmarnock
EAY10218Business Development Adviser (Digital) - EAY102188 John Finnie Street Kilmarnock
EAY09291Social Worker - Locality Health & Care - EAY09291Across East Ayrshire
EAY09861Occupational Therapist - EAY09861John Dickie Street
EAY02063Bank Hostel Support Worker - EAY02063Kilmarnock
EAY06038Unpaid Work Supervisor- Bank - EAY06038Across East Ayrshire

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