Kitchen, bathroom and electrical upgrade

The contractor will normally issue notification seven days before work is due to start.

Kitchen works will include:

  • Renewal of kitchen units
  • Renewal of sink
  • Renewal of worktops

There may be some alterations to the layout of your kitchen. This will be discussed with you prior to works taking place.

Bathroom works will include:

  • Bath (including side panels)
  • Wash hand basin
  • Toilet/cistern

Electrical work depends on the age of your existing electrical wiring and switches but will involve a degree of disturbance as cables, sockets, switches and light pendants are replaced.

Watch a video about the process we go through for kitchen, bathroom and electrical upgrades: 

Please download the guidance for more details. 

Contact Information

Housing Improvement Team
Holmquarry House
Telephone: 01563 555577
Telephone alt: 01563 555791
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