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As part of our commitment to ensure that the electrical installation within your home is in a safe condition, we are responsible for ensuring that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) for your home is carried out by a competent electrician.

As a minimum, this EICR must be carried out:

  • before a new tenancy starts
  • during the tenancy, at intervals of no more than five years from the date of the previous inspection

The electrician will carry out checks of:

  • installations for the supply of electricity
  • electrical fittings (including but not limited to: switches, sockets and light fittings)
  • fixed electrical equipment (including but not limited to: boilers, panel and storage heaters and hard-wired smoke and fire detectors)

Consilium Contracting Services, our partner contractor, will assist in the delivery of this important safety work. 

If your home is programmed to receive this EICR, you will receive written notification seven days in advance of the planned appointment to allow you to make suitable arrangements or alternatively arrange another appointment.

All Consilium employees will carry appropriate identification however if you have any concerns or require clarification on any issue associated with this work, please contact our Customer Support Team at Housing Asset Services on 01563 555793.

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