Stewarton Academy

A sum of £15.675m will be invested in Stewarton Academy over the next six years which will include refurbishment of the existing building, improved sports facilities and the construction of a new extension. 

  • £7.000m for the extension
  • £2.000m to upgrade the sports facilities
  • £4.175m to improve heating, electrical systems, ventilation systems, roofing, accessibility adaptations and hospitality and catering facilities
  • £2.500m for additional support needs provision

Latest news

  • Planning permission has been granted for the synthetic pitch and tender information is being prepared. It is currently anticipated that works could commence on site Spring 2018 with completion for the start of the August 2018 term.
  • Refurbishment of two Home Economics classrooms has been completed.

Project timeline

Finish date: all works including refurbishment and extension by 2023

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Project update

  • Refurbishment work to improve the front entrance to the school, staff and pupil's toilets and a fabulous outdoor dining area is now complete.
  • Work is ongoing to develop the proposals for the £2m allocation for the improvements to the sports facilities. Consultation with the school, parent representatives and Sports Scotland is currently taking place.

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