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Loudoun Academy

An anticipated total of £4.410m will be invested in Loudoun Academy over the next 6 years which includes:

  • £4.02m to improve heating, security, roofing, accessibility adaptations and traffic management
  • £0.39m for improved sports and playground facilities

Latest news

  • The remainder of the proposals relating to the wider refurbishment and component renewal programme are on-going.

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Project update

  • The first phase works to replace the cold water mains and install a support system to carry the new heating pipework were completed. The next phase of brick works repairs were also completed during the summer break 2017. Options are currently being prepared for a longer term solution to the exterior of the building.
  • Proposals are also being developed for the first phase of mechanical upgrades (including heating and plumbing works) at Loudoun Academy; with the first phase of enabling works anticipated to be undertaken during the summer holidays.
  • Some localised brick repair works are currently programmed for delivery during the summer holidays.
  • Proposals to allow the safe delivery of the works are in the process of being developed.

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