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An investment of £2.980m in Hurlford Primary School resulted in the development of enhanced accommodation for the school. This included new dining facilities and toilets, an internal refurbishment to the early childhood area and external fabric works.

The Early Childhood Centre moved temporarily into a nearby Council property, which was specially adapted, whilst this work was completed.

All primary pupils were been decanted to Loudoun Academy for the duration of the works.

Letters to parents

Project timeline

Start date: April 2016

Finish date: April 2017

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Project update

  • Children from the Early Childhood Centre have moved into their new accommodation.
  • Works were completed in time for the children to return to their own school for the start of the new term. Arrangements are in place for the Early Childhood Centre to move into their new playrooms in the school in October 2017.
  • The window installation is complete and the extension is now wind and watertight.
  • New openings have been formed to the basement and steelwork is complete.
  • The roof repairs are almost complete with pointing and stone repairs continuing.
  • Ground works for the playground have begun and work to strengthen the lath and plaster ceilings has been completed with the additional internal improvements being progressed.
  • The Head Teacher has been involved in discussions with the architect to determine colours and finishes and new ICT provision is also being finalised.
  • From Monday 26 September all pupils from Hurlford Primary will be decanted to Loudon Academy. In response to concerns raised by parents we have endeavoured to keep the entire school together and not split the school across different establishments. For more detailed information please visit;
  • Main construction works commenced on site in May 2016. Internal classrooms have been prepared for refurbishment works. External stone work is on-going and the extension foundations are completed. Replacement windows that meet planning requirements have been sourced.
  • Internal and external photos showing the progress of work.
  • Progress of the works to date include temporary toilets, sectioning off the construction site internally and the site manager being located in an office within the school. 
  • We are now in a position to award the contract for the £2.500m refurbishment with an anticipated start on site over the Easter school break. The project has been increased in scope and will include additional early years' provision.
  • To allow this extra work, the Early Childhood Centre will move into the Housing Office on a temporary basis. Adaptation work has been completed in the Housing Office to allow the children to move to the temporary location after the Easter holidays. Permission will be sought for two days of exceptional closure of the Early Childhood Centre on Friday 1 April 2016 and Monday 18 April 2016 to allow staff to pack up resources in the school and unpack and set up in the new temporary premises. 

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